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The Davis Wood Hockey League

Welcome to the The Davis Wood Hockey League Web Site.

All of the information on the site can be reached from the menu items at the top of the screen.

Recent News Items ...

23rd October 2014
Merger of Swansea City and Carew Hockey Clubs

Following the approval by Hockey Wales of the merger between Swansea City and Carew Hockey clubs these two clubs will now be competing as a single entity in the Davis Wood Hockey League known as 'Swansea City'.

As the season has already commenced it is not possible to change the names of teams ...
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21st October 2014
League rules

It has come to our attention that the web handbook has some errors in the League rules section. For the avoidance of all doubt, the definitive League rules for the 2014-2015 season can be obtained from the download entitled "Rules of the League 2014/15 Season"

23rd September 2014
Merger for Robinsons HC and Imperial HC

Following an EGM of both clubs the Davis Wood Hockey League have accepted the merger of Robinsons HC and Imperial HC ahead of formal ratification by England Hockey and the West Hockey Association.

Whilst the fixtures and results for the 14/15 season will continue to show 'Imperial HC', both ...
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19th September 2014
Committee agree assistance for clubs promoted to National League

At a recent committee meeting it was agreed to continue to reward the club whose team are promoted each season to the National League. The team eligible for promotion (which may not be the winners of the Premiership) will be supported by the assistance of 1000.00 payment to assist the club on ...
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18th September 2014

Match cards are available from the Web handbook & download section. Cards should be completed in full on the day of the match and sent electronically following completion to the Match Card Administrator:

Missing match cards not received by the Wednesday following the ...
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17th September 2014
2014/15 Davis Wood Hockey League Handbook ...(with link - click here)

The 2014/15 electronic league handbook is now available to download from the "web-hand book & downloads" section of the website or by clicking the link.

17th May 2014
Allocation of teams to divisions for 2014/15 season

The make up of teams in their respective divisions for 2014/15 season can now be viewed by selecting Web Handbooks & Downloads see "2014/15 season, Teams in Divisions"

13th December 2013
Results and League Tables for Club Web Sites

Club Webmasters ...
You can now incorporate code from the Davis Wood Hockey League site directly into your club website to provide results and league tables that are automatically updated with no work from you.

You can link to the results for your whole club, or for one team within the club, ...
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23rd April 2010

Following the launch of the small grants programme at the three area meetings all the documents relating to the scheme are now available for download from the 'web handbook and downloads' section of the website.

Documents include:
1. Guidance on how to submit a successful application ...
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Forthcoming Events ...

12th November 201419:30League Committee Meeting @ Lyngford Conference Centre, Taunton
13th December 2014Last Scheduled League date for the first half of the season
17th January 2015Re-start of second half of Scheduled League dates
4th February 201519:30League Committee Meeting @ Lyngford Conference Centre, Taunton
18th March 201519:30League Committee Meeting, Taunton @ Lyngford Conference Centre, Taunton
21st March 2015Last scheduled League date of the season.
20th April 201519:30South Area Meeting @ The Dolphin Hotel, Bovey Tracey
21st April 201519:30North Area Meeting @ Old Bristolians Clubhouse, Failands, Bristol. BS8 3TQ
22nd April 201519:30South Wales Area Meeting @ TBA
13th May 201519:30League Committee Meeting @ Lyngford Conference Centre, Taunton

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Weekly Results
Cheltenham A3-2Bristol University
Firebrands3-1University of Exeter A
Isca1-0Team Bath Buccs A
Plymouth Marjon3-2Robinsons
University of Exeter B1-1Taunton Vale
Bristol University A8-1Shepton Mallet
City of Bath4-0Cardiff Uni
Gloucester City4-2Bristol UWE
Robinsons A3-3Isca A
Swansea Uni2-2Westbury and UB
University of Exeter C1-3West Wilts
Conference North
Bristol UWE A2-0Whitchurch A
Newent3-4Firebrands A
Swansea City3-2Bridgend
Swindon2-3Cardiff & Met B
Conference South
Bridgwater3-2ECV Hornets
ECV Hornets A1-6PGSOB
North Devon3-2Old Bristolians
Taunton Vale A1-1Plymouth Marjon A
Truro A4-2Plymouth Uni
University of Exeter D0-6Ashmoor
De Cymru & The Marches 1
Cardiff Medics4-0Lansdown
Cirencester4-0Bristol & West
Penarth8-3Cheltenham B
Whitchurch B2-4Bristol University B
Wotton-u-Edge3-0Cardiff & Met C
De Cymru & The Marches 2
Cardiff & Met D6-1Gloucester City A
Cardiff Uni B4-0Bourton & Sherborne
Cleevillians3-3Pembroke County
Whitchurch C1-5Gwent
Central 1
Marlborough5-0Robinsons B
Mid Somerset3-0Chippenham
North Somerset4-1Minehead
Team Bath Buccs B4-2Yeovil and Sh.
Team Bath Buccs C3-2Somerset Gryphons
Westbury and UB A1-1Firebrands B
Central 2
Bristol & West A3-2City of Bath A
Keynsham8-1Team Bath Buccs D
North Wilts1-3Bridgwater A
Old Bristolians A2-2Isca B
Somerset Gryphons A5-0Swindon A
Wootton Bassett5-4Team Bath Buccs E
Southern 1
Penzance3-3Sidmouth & Ottery
Plymouth Marjon B4-0University of Exeter E
Teign5-1East Devon
Southern 2
East Devon A5-4Truro B
Isca C2-1O.P.M. A
PGSOB A3-1West Dorset
Plymouth Uni A2-3Bude
Sidmouth & Ottery A2-0Camborne SoM
USHC Plymouth0-6Tavistock
De Cymru 1
Abergavenny4-2Cardiff Medics A
Aberystwyth Uni A2-1Cardiff Uni C
Brecon8-0Swansea City A
Bridgend A2-2Neath
Swansea City B5-1Cardiff & Met E
Swansea Uni B0-5Swansea Uni A
De Cymru 2
Bridgend B0-7Gwent A
Gwent B0-10Llan. & Caerphilly A
Llan. & Caerphilly B2-2Whitchurch E
Neath A4-2Whitchurch G
Whitchurch D8-0Carew
Whitchurch F1-10Cardiff & Met F
The Marches 1
Cheltenham D0-2Wotton-u-Edge A
Gloucester City B5-1Cheltenham C
Hereford A4-3Newent A
Lansdown A0-4Stroud A
Lansdown B2-1Lydney A
Leominster A3-1Cirencester A
The Marches 2
Bourton & Sherborne A4-0Stroud B
Cheltenham E3-2Gloucester City C
Cirencester B4-3Wotton-u-Edge B
Newent B3-2Lansdown C
Ross-on-Wye A1-3Cleevillians A
Winchcombe1-2Cirencester C
West Central 1
Bristol University C6-3Mid Somerset A
Bristol UWE B0-7Weston-s-Mare
Mendip5-1Old Bristolians B
Robinsons C2-4Westbury and UB B
Shepton Mallet A3-6Bristol & West B
Westbury and UB C0-3South Glos.
West Central 2
Bristol & West C8-1Keynsham A
Bristol & West D1-2Mendip A
Firebrands C3-1North Somerset A
Old Bristolians C3-3Westbury and UB E
South Glos. A6-1Imperial
Westbury and UB D3-5Firebrands D
West Central 3
Old Bristolians D1-2Robinsons D
Somerset Gryphons B1-3Mid Somerset B
South Glos. B2-1Old Bristolians E
Westbury and UB F6-1Bristol & West F
East Central 1
Chippenham A6-5Wootton Bassett A
Chippenham B2-2West Wilts B
City of Bath C7-4Bristol UWE C
Team Bath Buccs F1-0Marlborough A
West Wilts A12-0City of Bath B
West Wilts C1-3Yate A
East Central 2
Devizes A6-2Corsham
Marlborough B1-0Chippenham C
Shepton Mallet B0-6Bristol University D
Team Bath Buccs G1-1Wootton Bassett B
West Wilts D3-1North Wilts A
South West 1
Bodmin A0-4Duchy A
Bude A1-6Caradon
Dart A1-8Plymouth Uni B
PGSOB B0-3Plymouth Marjon C
Tavistock A0-7Plymouth Marjon D
Truro C1-0Penzance A
South West 2
Ashmoor B2-0O.P.M. B
Plymouth Uni C0-3PGSOB C
Teign A1-3Okehampton A
South East 1
Minehead A6-2East Devon B
Sidmouth & Ottery B1-6Taunton Vale B
Taunton Vale C4-2Isca D
Torbay A0-5Taunton C.S.
Yeovil and Sh. A6-3ECV Hornets B
Yeovil and Sh. B6-1Chard
South East 2
Ashmoor A10-1Minehead B
Bridgwater C6-0Sidmouth & Ottery C
Chard A1-2Bridgwater B
Sidmouth & Ottery D0-4North Devon A
South East 3
East Devon C7-0Ashmoor C
Isca E4-1Yeovil and Sh. C

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