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The VERDE RECREO Hockey League

The Marches 2
1stBishops Cleeve147004267004137442
2ndGloucester C1452017750228152332
3rdRoss-on-Wye A1450218124032120727
4thWotton-u-Edge C14412191040316131225
5thStroud B135011953131118725
6thSouth Glos. B1430416203221515-420
7thLansdown C1421418282231720-1315
8thCirencester C143131418115718-1514
9thEve & Badsey A1422318181151022-1212
10thCirencester D14213916107933-3110
11thCheltenham C134042128005225-309**
12thNewent B142051215016621-187

(Places determined by points, GD, GS)

** Cheltenham C12 OctRSC Decision 1920-005 Breach of rule 11.1
26 OctMatch 1736 RSC Decision 1920-011 Breach of rules 4.1 & 11.1 (3 points deducted)
Recent Confirmed Results
25 Jan14:00Cheltenham C2 - 1Newent B
11:00Cirencester C2 - 0Stroud B
11:30Cirencester D1 - 4Ross-on-Wye A
11:00Gloucester C2 - 2South Glos. B
12:30Lansdown C1 - 2Eve & Badsey A
15:00Wotton-u-Edge C0 - 2Bishops Cleeve
18 Jan14:00Bishops Cleeve6 - 0Cirencester C
13:30Eve & Badsey A0 - 4Wotton-u-Edge C
15:30Newent B1 - 2Cirencester D
14:00Ross-on-Wye A3 - 2Gloucester C
15:00South Glos. B1 - 6Lansdown C
11 Jan14:00Cheltenham C1 - 12Bishops Cleeve
13:00Cirencester D1 - 1Stroud B
13:30Eve & Badsey A3 - 2South Glos. B
11:00Gloucester C2 - 1Newent B
15:00Lansdown C4 - 6Ross-on-Wye A
15:00Wotton-u-Edge C2 - 1Cirencester C
7 Dec11:00Gloucester C6 - 1Stroud B
30 Nov14:00Bishops Cleeve6 - 1Gloucester C
23 Nov11:00Gloucester C1 - 0Cirencester C
16 Nov10:45Cheltenham C2 - 4Gloucester C
9 Nov11:00Gloucester C2 - 1Cirencester D
2 Nov15:00Wotton-u-Edge C1 - 4Gloucester C
26 Oct13:30Lansdown C2 - 10Gloucester C
19 Oct11:00Gloucester C1 - 1Eve & Badsey A
12 Oct15:00South Glos. B1 - 5Gloucester C
5 Oct11:00Gloucester C3 - 1Ross-on-Wye A
28 Sep15:30Newent B0 - 2Gloucester C
Forthcoming Matches
1 Feb13:30Eve & Badsey AvGloucester C
12:30Lansdown CvWotton-u-Edge C
15:30Newent BvCirencester C
14:00Ross-on-Wye AvCheltenham C
15:00South Glos. BvCirencester D
12:00Stroud BvBishops Cleeve
8 Feb14:00Bishops CleevevNewent B
10:45Cheltenham CvSouth Glos. B
14:30Cirencester CvRoss-on-Wye A
11:30Cirencester DvEve & Badsey A
11:00Gloucester CvLansdown C
15:00Wotton-u-Edge CvStroud B
15 Feb13:30Eve & Badsey AvCheltenham C
13:30Gloucester CvWotton-u-Edge C
12:00Lansdown CvCirencester D
15:30Newent BvStroud B
14:00Ross-on-Wye AvBishops Cleeve
15:00South Glos. BvCirencester C
22 Feb14:00Bishops CleevevSouth Glos. B
14:00Cheltenham CvLansdown C
14:30Cirencester CvEve & Badsey A
11:30Cirencester DvGloucester C
13:30Stroud BvCheltenham C
12:00Stroud BvRoss-on-Wye A
15:00Wotton-u-Edge CvNewent B
29 Feb11:00Gloucester CvCheltenham C
7 Mar14:30Cirencester CvGloucester C
14 Mar11:00Gloucester CvBishops Cleeve
21 Mar15:00Stroud BvGloucester C