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The VERDE RECREO Hockey League

Conference South
2ndIsca A32200511003079
3rdUni. of Exeter C32200710010336
5thShepton Mallet31100731013706
6thUni. of Exeter B31100410111224
7thUni. of Exeter D3000123101132103
8thYeovil and Sh.311001300022783
10thNorth Somerset311103200137-31**
11thECV Hornets300024600114-50
12thIsca B30001012002020-320

(Places determined by points, GD, GS)

** North Somerset4 AprRSC Decision 1718-056 (3 points deducted)
Recent Confirmed Results
13 Oct15:00Duchy0 - 3Isca A
14:00ECV Hornets2 - 3Teign
13:30Isca B0 - 12Uni. of Exeter D
13:00North Somerset1 - 1Uni. of Exeter B
12:15PGSOB5 - 0Shepton Mallet
12:00Uni. of Exeter C5 - 1Yeovil and Sh.
6 Oct15:00Isca A3 - 0Uni. of Exeter C
13:00Shepton Mallet7 - 3North Somerset
12:00Teign3 - 0Duchy
13:30Uni. of Exeter B4 - 1ECV Hornets
15:00Uni. of Exeter D2 - 3PGSOB
13:00Yeovil and Sh.13 - 0Isca B
29 Sep15:00Duchy1 - 0Uni. of Exeter B
14:00ECV Hornets2 - 3Shepton Mallet
13:30Isca A2 - 1Yeovil and Sh.
13:00North Somerset2 - 1Uni. of Exeter D
12:15PGSOB7 - 0Isca B
10:00Uni. of Exeter C2 - 0Teign
Forthcoming Matches
20 Oct10:00Isca AvECV Hornets
13:00Shepton MalletvIsca B
12:00TeignvNorth Somerset
13:30Uni. of Exeter BvPGSOB
13:30Uni. of Exeter CvDuchy
13:00Yeovil and Sh.vUni. of Exeter D
27 Oct14:30DuchyvYeovil and Sh.
14:00ECV HornetsvUni. of Exeter C
12:00Isca BvUni. of Exeter B
13:00North SomersetvIsca A
12:00Uni. of Exeter DvShepton Mallet
3 Nov14:30DuchyvECV Hornets
13:30Isca AvPGSOB
15:00TeignvIsca B
13:30Uni. of Exeter BvUni. of Exeter D
16:30Uni. of Exeter CvNorth Somerset
13:00Yeovil and Sh.vShepton Mallet
10 Nov14:00ECV HornetsvYeovil and Sh.
12:00Isca BvIsca A
13:00North SomersetvDuchy
12:15PGSOBvUni. of Exeter C
14:30Shepton MalletvUni. of Exeter B
15:00Uni. of Exeter DvTeign
11 Nov13:00Shepton MalletvDuchy
17 Nov12:00TeignvShepton Mallet
24 Nov13:30Uni. of Exeter BvTeign
1 Dec13:00Yeovil and Sh.vTeign
8 Dec12:00TeignvIsca A
12 Jan12:00TeignvUni. of Exeter C
19 Jan14:30DuchyvTeign
26 Jan15:00TeignvECV Hornets
2 Feb13:00North SomersetvTeign
9 Feb12:00TeignvPGSOB
16 Feb12:00Isca BvTeign
23 Feb15:00TeignvUni. of Exeter D
2 Mar13:00Shepton MalletvTeign
9 Mar12:00TeignvUni. of Exeter B
16 Mar15:00TeignvYeovil and Sh.
23 Mar13:30Isca AvTeign