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The VERDE RECREO Hockey League

South East 2
1stNorth Devon A31100150200104219
2ndTaunton C.S. A3110011011076127
3rdECV Hornets B300105520011297
4thIsca E31101631005086
5thBridgwater C311003210147-26
6thWest Dorset A30001121107244
7thChard B3111072001015-104
8thTaunton Vale D300024710021-23
9thSid. & Ottery B300023910063-33
10thTeign A311013500123-33
11thYeovil and Sh. B3000241400105-150
12thSid. & Ottery C3000105002014-190

(Places determined by points, GD, GS)

Recent Confirmed Results
13 Oct12:30Chard B5 - 0Yeovil and Sh. B
14:30Isca E5 - 1Bridgwater C
14:00Sid. & Ottery B1 - 3ECV Hornets B
12:00Taunton C.S. A11 - 0Sid. & Ottery C
16:30Taunton Vale D2 - 4North Devon A
15:00Teign A0 - 5West Dorset A
6 Oct12:15Bridgwater C3 - 2Teign A
15:30ECV Hornets B5 - 5Taunton C.S. A
14:30North Devon A15 - 0Chard B
15:30Sid. & Ottery C0 - 5Isca E
14:00West Dorset A1 - 2Taunton Vale D
14:30Yeovil and Sh. B3 - 6Sid. & Ottery B
29 Sep12:30Chard B2 - 2West Dorset A
16:30Isca E1 - 2Taunton C.S. A
13:30Sid. & Ottery B2 - 6North Devon A
16:30Taunton Vale D2 - 3Bridgwater C
15:00Teign A3 - 0Sid. & Ottery C
14:30Yeovil and Sh. B1 - 8ECV Hornets B
Forthcoming Matches
20 Oct12:15Bridgwater CvTaunton C.S. A
15:30ECV Hornets BvSid. & Ottery C
14:30North Devon AvTeign A
14:00Sid. & Ottery BvChard B
14:00West Dorset AvIsca E
14:30Yeovil and Sh. BvTaunton Vale D
27 Oct12:30Chard BvECV Hornets B
15:00Isca EvNorth Devon A
14:00Sid. & Ottery CvBridgwater C
12:00Taunton C.S. AvWest Dorset A
15:00Taunton Vale DvSid. & Ottery B
12:00Teign AvYeovil and Sh. B
3 Nov12:30Chard BvTaunton Vale D
15:30ECV Hornets BvBridgwater C
14:30North Devon AvTaunton C.S. A
13:30Sid. & Ottery BvTeign A
14:00West Dorset AvSid. & Ottery C
14:30Yeovil and Sh. BvIsca E
10 Nov12:15Bridgwater CvWest Dorset A
16:30Isca EvSid. & Ottery B
14:00Sid. & Ottery CvNorth Devon A
12:00Taunton C.S. AvYeovil and Sh. B
16:30Taunton Vale DvECV Hornets B
15:00Teign AvChard B
17 Nov11:30Taunton Vale DvTeign A
24 Nov15:00Teign AvECV Hornets B
1 Dec15:00Teign AvIsca E
8 Dec12:00Taunton C.S. AvTeign A
12 JanSid. & Ottery CvTeign A
19 Jan12:00Teign AvBridgwater C
26 Jan14:00West Dorset AvTeign A
2 Feb12:00Teign AvNorth Devon A
9 Feb14:30Yeovil and Sh. BvTeign A
16 Feb12:00Teign AvSid. & Ottery B
23 Feb12:30Chard BvTeign A
2 Mar12:00Teign AvTaunton Vale D
9 Mar15:30ECV Hornets BvTeign A
16 Mar16:30Isca EvTeign A
23 Mar12:00Teign AvTaunton C.S. A