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The VERDE RECREO Hockey League

Division One South
1stUni. of Exeter 32100311006176
2ndIsca 22100401003076
3rdYeovil and Sh.2100101002036
4thUni. of Exeter 52001231003113
5thNorth Somerset2100420011303
=6thOld Bristol.21004100104-13
=8thPly Marjon 221002000114-13
10thShepton Mallet20011300124-40
11thFirebrands 220010200102-40
12thUni. of Exeter 420011600101-60

(Places determined by points, GD, GS)

Recent Confirmed Results
2 Oct11:00Firebrands 20 - 2Yeovil and Sh.
13:00North Somerset4 - 2Shepton Mallet
12:30Old Bristol.4 - 1Ply Marjon 2
12:15PGSOB0 - 3Isca 2
15:00Uni. of Exeter 41 - 6Uni. of Exeter 3
Uni. of Exeter 52 - 3Duchy
25 SepDuchy1 - 3PGSOB
Isca 24 - 0Old Bristol.
Ply Marjon 22 - 0Firebrands 2
Shepton Mallet1 - 3Uni. of Exeter 5
Uni. of Exeter 33 - 1North Somerset
Yeovil and Sh.1 - 0Uni. of Exeter 4
Outstanding Results
9 Oct11:30DuchyvNorth Somerset
13:30Isca 2vUni. of Exeter 5
13:00Ply Marjon 2vPGSOB
13:00Shepton MalletvUni. of Exeter 3
15:00Uni. of Exeter 4vFirebrands 2
13:00Yeovil and Sh.vOld Bristol.
16 Oct13:00North SomersetvIsca 2
12:30Old Bristol.vFirebrands 2
12:15PGSOBvYeovil and Sh.
13:00Shepton MalletvUni. of Exeter 4
13:30Uni. of Exeter 3vDuchy
15:00Uni. of Exeter 5vPly Marjon 2
Forthcoming Matches
30 Oct13:45DuchyvShepton MalletPool Academy (TR15 3PZ)
13:00Firebrands 2vPGSOBFailand (BS8 3TL)
13:30Isca 2vUni. of Exeter 3Exeter University (Water based) (EX4 4QN)
13:00Ply Marjon 2vNorth SomersetUniversity of St Mark & St John (PL6 8BH)
12:00Uni. of Exeter 4vOld Bristol.Exeter University (Sand based) (EX4 4QN)
13:00Yeovil and Sh.vUni. of Exeter 5Yrc Artificial Pitch (BA214AW)
6 Nov13:45DuchyvUni. of Exeter 4Pool Academy (TR15 3PZ)
13:00North SomersetvYeovil and Sh.Gordano School (BS20 7QR)
12:15PGSOBvOld Bristol.University of St Mark & St John
13:00Shepton MalletvIsca 2Shepton Mallet Leisure Centre (BA4 5PG)
13:30Uni. of Exeter 3vPly Marjon 2Exeter University (Water based) (EX4 4QN)
16:30Uni. of Exeter 5vFirebrands 2Exeter University (Sand based) (EX4 4QN)
13 Nov12:30Firebrands 2vNorth SomersetFailand (BS8 3TL)
16:30Isca 2vDuchyExeter University (Water based) (EX4 4QN)
12:30Old Bristol.vUni. of Exeter 5The Stirratt Pitch (BS8 3TQ)
12:30Ply Marjon 2vShepton MalletUniversity of St Mark & St John (PL6 8BH)
15:00Uni. of Exeter 4vPGSOBExeter University (Sand based) (EX4 4QN)
13:00Yeovil and Sh.vUni. of Exeter 3Yrc Artificial Pitch (BA214AW)
20 Nov16:30Uni. of Exeter 5vPGSOBExeter University (Sand based) (EX4 4QN)
27 Nov12:15PGSOBvNorth SomersetUniversity of St Mark & St John
4 Dec13:30Uni. of Exeter 3vPGSOBExeter University (Water based) (EX4 4QN)
11 Dec12:15PGSOBvShepton MalletUniversity of St Mark & St John