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The VERDE RECREO Hockey League

Southern 1
1stTruro A3200841007389
2ndNorth Devon41004220111949
3rdEast Devon3200720012436
4thECV Hornets40014620113926
5thAshmoor A2110540000014
6thTaunton C.S.2101650000013
=8thUni. of Exeter E0000000000000
=8thUni. of Exeter F0000000000000
11thPly Marjon B20011400124-50
12thIsca B400281400216-110

(Places determined by points, GD, GS)

Forthcoming Matches
30 Jan15:30Ashmoor AvPly Marjon B
13:30CaradonvTaunton C.S.
13:00ECV HornetsvTruro A
12:00Isca BvUni. of Exeter E
14:30North DevonvEast Devon
16:30Uni. of Exeter FvDart
6 Feb14:00Ashmoor AvDart
13:00ECV HornetsvPly Marjon B
12:00Isca BvEast Devon
14:30North DevonvTruro A
13:00Taunton C.S.vUni. of Exeter E
16:30Uni. of Exeter FvCaradon
13 Feb13:30CaradonvAshmoor A
12:30DartvECV Hornets
East DevonvUni. of Exeter E
12:30Ply Marjon BvNorth Devon
12:00Truro AvIsca B
15:00Uni. of Exeter FvTaunton C.S.
20 Feb14:00Ashmoor AvUni. of Exeter F
East DevonvTaunton C.S.
13:00ECV HornetsvCaradon
12:00Isca BvPly Marjon B
14:30North DevonvDart
13:30Uni. of Exeter EvTruro A
T.B.A.Ashmoor AvEast Devon
Ashmoor AvECV Hornets
CaradonvEast Devon
CaradonvECV Hornets
CaradonvIsca B
CaradonvPly Marjon B
CaradonvUni. of Exeter F
DartvAshmoor A
DartvNorth Devon
DartvTaunton C.S.
DartvTruro A
East DevonvAshmoor A
East DevonvDart
East DevonvTruro A
East DevonvUni. of Exeter F
ECV HornetsvDart
ECV HornetsvUni. of Exeter E
ECV HornetsvUni. of Exeter F
Isca BvDart
Isca BvUni. of Exeter F
North DevonvAshmoor A
North DevonvCaradon
North DevonvIsca B
Ply Marjon BvDart
Ply Marjon BvEast Devon
Ply Marjon BvIsca B
Ply Marjon BvTaunton C.S.
Ply Marjon BvUni. of Exeter F
Taunton C.S.vAshmoor A
Taunton C.S.vECV Hornets
Taunton C.S.vIsca B
Taunton C.S.vUni. of Exeter F
Truro AvAshmoor A
Truro AvPly Marjon B
Truro AvTaunton C.S.
Truro AvUni. of Exeter E
Uni. of Exeter EvAshmoor A
Uni. of Exeter EvCaradon
Uni. of Exeter EvEast Devon
Uni. of Exeter EvNorth Devon
Uni. of Exeter EvPly Marjon B
Uni. of Exeter EvTaunton C.S.
Uni. of Exeter FvAshmoor A
Uni. of Exeter FvNorth Devon
Uni. of Exeter FvTruro A
Uni. of Exeter FvUni. of Exeter E