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The VERDE RECREO Hockey League

South East 2
1stTaunton C.S. A42001212001122012
2ndMid Somerset A420017110144169
3rdNorth Devon A31002120090109
4thYeovil and Sh. B521094011613-28
5thSid. & Ottery B411111910080107
6thChard B4200730114537
7thIsca E50114611199-25
8thEast Devon C2001251005023
9thMinehead B310171200124-73
10thECV Hornets B410221100113-113
11thTaunton Vale E400103003417-160
12thSid. & Ottery C400108003116-230

(Places determined by points, GD, GS)

Forthcoming Matches
30 Jan12:30Chard BvSid. & Ottery B
11:30ECV Hornets BvMinehead B
15:00Isca EvNorth Devon A
15:30Sid. & Ottery CvEast Devon C
13:00Taunton C.S. AvMid Somerset A
16:30Taunton Vale EvYeovil and Sh. B
6 Feb12:30Chard BvYeovil and Sh. B
Isca EvEast Devon C
13:00Mid Somerset AvSid. & Ottery B
14:30North Devon AvECV Hornets B
15:30Sid. & Ottery CvTaunton C.S. A
16:30Taunton Vale EvMinehead B
13 FebEast Devon CvECV Hornets B
12:00Minehead BvChard B
14:30North Devon AvTaunton Vale E
15:00Sid. & Ottery CvMid Somerset A
13:00Taunton C.S. AvIsca E
14:00Yeovil and Sh. BvSid. & Ottery B
20 Feb12:30Chard BvNorth Devon A
11:30ECV Hornets BvTaunton C.S. A
15:00Isca EvSid. & Ottery C
13:00Mid Somerset AvYeovil and Sh. B
Sid. & Ottery BvMinehead B
15:00Taunton Vale EvEast Devon C
T.B.A.Chard BvEast Devon C
Chard BvSid. & Ottery C
East Devon CvMid Somerset A
East Devon CvMinehead B
East Devon CvSid. & Ottery B
East Devon CvTaunton C.S. A
East Devon CvTaunton Vale E
ECV Hornets BvSid. & Ottery B
ECV Hornets BvSid. & Ottery C
Isca EvECV Hornets B
Isca EvYeovil and Sh. B
Mid Somerset AvChard B
Mid Somerset AvECV Hornets B
Mid Somerset AvIsca E
Minehead BvIsca E
Minehead BvMid Somerset A
Minehead BvNorth Devon A
Minehead BvSid. & Ottery B
North Devon AvChard B
North Devon AvEast Devon C
North Devon AvSid. & Ottery C
North Devon AvYeovil and Sh. B
Sid. & Ottery BvNorth Devon A
Sid. & Ottery BvTaunton C.S. A
Sid. & Ottery BvTaunton Vale E
Sid. & Ottery CvIsca E
Sid. & Ottery CvMinehead B
Sid. & Ottery CvTaunton Vale E
Taunton C.S. AvChard B
Taunton C.S. AvECV Hornets B
Taunton C.S. AvNorth Devon A
Taunton Vale EvChard B
Taunton Vale EvIsca E
Taunton Vale EvTaunton C.S. A
Yeovil and Sh. BvEast Devon C
Yeovil and Sh. BvECV Hornets B
Yeovil and Sh. BvMid Somerset A
Yeovil and Sh. BvMinehead B