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The VERDE RECREO Hockey League

South East 1
1stEast Devon A1470037751125163937
3rdWest Dorset14412241651120121629
4thIsca D1431318165022316925
5thSid. & Ottery A1432214114121815624
7thEast Devon B1422317173221818019
8thMinehead A1430417211332228-1015
9thWest Dorset A143131210124729-2015
10thYeovil and Sh. A1420521332231621-1714
11thNorth Devon A141241623007939-375
12thEast Devon C141151927007643-451**

(Places determined by points, GD, GS)

** East Devon C19 OctRSC Decision 1920-008 Breach of rule 4.1,7.2(a) & 11.1 (3 points deducted)
Recent Confirmed Results
25 Jan14:30East Devon B1 - 1West Dorset A
11:00Isca D4 - 1East Devon C
14:00Minehead A2 - 5Chard
14:30North Devon A2 - 5East Devon A
15:30Tiverton0 - 2Yeovil and Sh. A
14:00West Dorset1 - 4Sid. & Ottery A
18 Jan14:00Chard3 - 4Isca D
13:00East Devon A6 - 0West Dorset
14:30East Devon C2 - 4Tiverton
14:00Sid. & Ottery A3 - 3Minehead A
14:00West Dorset A4 - 0North Devon A
13:00Yeovil and Sh. A3 - 6East Devon B
11 Jan13:00East Devon B5 - 2East Devon C
13:30Isca D1 - 3Sid. & Ottery A
14:00Minehead A4 - 8East Devon A
14:30North Devon A1 - 6West Dorset
15:30Tiverton3 - 5Chard
14:00West Dorset A2 - 2Yeovil and Sh. A
Forthcoming Matches
1 Feb14:00ChardvWest Dorset
13:00East Devon BvNorth Devon A
14:30East Devon CvMinehead A
14:00Sid. & Ottery AvEast Devon A
14:00West Dorset AvTiverton
13:00Yeovil and Sh. AvIsca D
8 Feb13:00East Devon AvChard
15:30Isca DvWest Dorset A
14:00Minehead AvYeovil and Sh. A
14:30North Devon AvSid. & Ottery A
15:30TivertonvEast Devon B
14:00West DorsetvEast Devon C
15 Feb14:00ChardvSid. & Ottery A
13:00East Devon BvIsca D
14:30East Devon CvEast Devon A
15:30TivertonvNorth Devon A
14:00West Dorset AvMinehead A
13:00Yeovil and Sh. AvWest Dorset
22 Feb13:00East Devon AvYeovil and Sh. A
13:30Isca DvTiverton
14:00Minehead AvEast Devon B
14:30North Devon AvChard
14:00Sid. & Ottery AvEast Devon C
14:00West DorsetvWest Dorset A