The VERDE RECREO Hockey League
Public Area
The VERDE RECREO Hockey League
The VERDE RECREO Hockey League
Public Area
League Committee
Contact Details
Terry Cook
ChairmanTerry Cook
Jonathan Watts
SecretaryJonathan Watts
Sally Hammond
TreasurerSally Hammond
Sally Hammond
AdministratorSally Hammond
Premier Divisions
Stuart Richardson
Premier DivisionsStuart Richardson
Responsible for NL Clubs in the Verde Recreo HL: PR:CH:CN:CS:
De Cymru & The Marches Area Secretary
Matt Walker
De Cymru & The Marches Area SecretaryMatt Walker
Responsible for;DCM1,DCM2,M1,M2,SWa1,SWa2,SWa3
South Area Secretary
Pete Sim
South Area SecretaryPete Sim
Responsible for: S1: S2: SE1: SE2: SE3: SW1: SW2
Central Area Secretary
Andrew Harvey
Central Area SecretaryAndrew Harvey
Responsible for: C1,C2,WC1,WC2,WC3,EC1,EC2
Match Card Collector
Martyn Harvey
Match Card CollectorMartyn Harvey
Match Card Collector
Cornwall County Representative
Stuart Richardson
Cornwall County RepresentativeStuart Richardson
Gloucestershire County Representative
Alistair Kilfoil
Gloucestershire County RepresentativeAlistair Kilfoil
Wiltshire Representative
Tom Wilson
Wiltshire RepresentativeTom Wilson
Herefordshire County Representative
Alison Cook
Herefordshire County RepresentativeAlison Cook
Somerset County Representative
Nick Kendall
Somerset County RepresentativeNick Kendall
South Wales Representative
John Taylor
South Wales RepresentativeJohn Taylor
South Wales Representative
Neil Maylan
South Wales RepresentativeNeil Maylan
West Representative
Vacant Position
West RepresentativeVacant Position
West Umpires Representative
Martin Stoneman
West Umpires RepresentativeMartin Stoneman
West Hockey Association
Contact Details
Charles Hallows
PresidentCharles Hallows
Hon. Secretary
Vacant Position
Hon. SecretaryVacant Position
Hon. Treasurer
Vacant Position
Hon. TreasurerVacant Position
WHA Regional Disciplinary Administrator
Lesley Bennett
WHA Regional Disciplinary AdministratorLesley Bennett
England Hockey Board
Contact Details
EHB Relationship Manager [Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Channel Islands]
Barbara Reynolds
EHB Relationship Manager [Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Channel Islands]Barbara Reynolds
Hockey Wales
Contact Details
Operations Manager
Chris Brewer
Operations ManagerChris Brewer
Hockey Wales (South Region)
Contact Details
Secretary and Disciplinary Administrator
John Taylor
Secretary and Disciplinary AdministratorJohn Taylor
West Code of Ethics & Behaviour (CDA's)
Contact Details
Avon CDA
Vacant Position
Avon CDAVacant Position
Devon CDA
Sam Tallowin
Devon CDASam Tallowin
Dorset CDA
Vacant Position
Dorset CDAVacant Position
Gloucestershire CDA
Robert Fynn
Gloucestershire CDARobert Fynn
Herefordshire CDA
Richard Jennison
Herefordshire CDARichard Jennison
Wiltshire CDA
Lesley Bennett
Wiltshire CDALesley Bennett
Umpiring Appointment Secretaries
Contact Details
West Hockey Umpires
Mike Legg
West Hockey UmpiresMike Legg
Cornwall HUA
Richard Carne
Cornwall HUARichard Carne
Devon HUA
Graham Woolcock
Devon HUAGraham Woolcock
South Wales HUA
John Taylor
South Wales HUAJohn Taylor
West County Hockey Associations
Contact Details
Cornwall H.A.
Jeanette Coleman
Cornwall H.A.Jeanette Coleman
Devon H.A.
Michelle Judge
Devon H.A.Michelle Judge
Gloucester H.A.
Angie Atherton
Gloucester H.A.Angie Atherton

1 Rothermere Close, Up Hatherley, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, Gl51 3LU
Hereford H.A.
Alison Cook
Hereford H.A.Alison Cook

Jasmine Cottage, Wrigglebrook Lane, Kings Thorn, Hereford, HR2 8AW