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Diary Items to Note

26th September 201819:30League Committee Meeting @ The Hankridge Arms, Hankridge Way, Riverside Taunton, Somerset, TA1 2LR
29th September 2018Start of Scheduled League Dates
28th November 201819:30League Comittee Meeting @ The Hankridge Arms, Hankridge Way, Riverside Taunton, Somerset, TA1 2LR
8th December 2018End of first half of the League Season
12th January 2019Start of Second half of the League Season
6th February 201919:30League Committee Meeting @ The Hankridge Arms, Hankridge Way, Riverside Taunton, Somerset, TA1 2LR
20th March 201919:30League Committee Meeting @ The Hankridge Arms, Hankridge Way, Riverside Taunton, Somerset, TA1 2LR
23rd March 2019End of Scheduled League Dates
29th April 201919:30South Area Meeting
30th April 201919:30North Area Meeting
1st May 201919:30South Wales Area Meeting
8th May 2019League Committee Meeting @ The Hankridge Arms, Hankridge Way, Riverside Taunton, Somerset, TA1 2LR

Latest News

10th SepStart times

Clubs should be aware (as per the notifications at the Area meetings) of the new rule 5.1:
5.1 Start times
All clubs are required to enter the start times of their matches on the League website no later than 21 days before the relevant fixture. Once the time has been entered it can only be amended up to 10 days before the fixture date. After this time the change must be referred to the relevant Area Secretary with confirmation that the away team has been made aware, and accepted, the change of start time.

26th AugPublic or Private ?

Officers within clubs who have updated their details to conform with new GDPR requirements, need to understand that by selecting their details as "private" will not allow their details to be displayed on the Men's League website. For clubs to continue in the manner that has taken place in previous seasons certain officers such as Match Secretaries or Fixture Secretaries especially, will need to select their details as "public" in order for their opposition clubs to be able to make contact etc. Failure to have any points of contact and having no officers available to be contacted within a club, may negate the viability of clubs participating within the Verde Recreo Hockey League!

18th AugMissing your password Link?

If anyone has missed their email with their password link, you can generate a new one..

The instruction is …
Go to the Personal Area Log in page and enter the email address you are registered as in the “Forgotten Password” section.
The system will send an email immediately with a link to set or reset their password.

If you are not sure which email address you are registered as, ask someone from your club who has successfully gone through the process. They will be able to access the club administration area and confirm.
To see who has successfully gone in, look at the club information page on the public site. Any of the contacts that are not in grey have gone through the process successfully.

8th AugGDPR Requirements

Currently clubs and the persons listed within those clubs who are officers, are receiving email requests from the website provider "Tex Solutions" that NEED ACTION, in order for those persons to agree/or not for their details to be included on the club pages of the Verde Recreo Hockey League. PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THESE EMAIL REQUESTS. Failure to respond WILL impede the day to day running of the League and may cause future difficulties for clubs who want to continue participating in the Verde Recreo Hockey League.

9th JulRevised Promotion/Relegation

When the changes to promotions and relegations at the end of the 2018/19 season, due to the expansion of the English National League, were discussed at the Area meetings some valid points were made that were then discussed by the League Committee.

Our original proposal showed no relegations from the Premiership and Championship but after further consideration, and given that all other Tiers would see teams relegated albeit in reduced numbers, it was felt that similar principles should apply at the top two Tiers in order to ensure that all teams have the potential for relegation.

The revised statement shows one relegation from the Premiership and two relegations from the Championship with additional teams being promoted to fill the gaps meaning the 5th placed team in the Championship will be promoted as will the 3rd placed teams in Conference North and South. Promoting two additional teams from the Conference divisions is also in line with the additional promotions from the Tiers above.

21st JunNew sponsorship agreement with Verde Recreo

The West of England and South Wales Hockey League are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with Verde Recreo, specialists in artificial sports surfaces. Bath-based Verde Recreo has been appointed the League’s flagship sponsor. As of 1st July 2018, the League will be renamed “The Verde Recreo Hockey League”.
Verde Recreo has built a solid reputation in the South West for the design, build and maintenance of award-winning sports facilities. The business is committed to creating exceptional spaces to support all levels of play, from grass roots to professional standard.
League Chairman, Terry Cook comments: “We selected Verde Recreo as the League’s new sponsor because of the genuine commitment they demonstrate and the clear benefits they bring, to the sport and individual players, through the service and application of their excellent play surfaces and pitches. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank GoCrea8 Hockey camps for their support over the last three years and wish Matt and his company all the best moving forward".
Verde Recreo - Managing Director, James Jenkins adds “ We are really proud to be associated with the West of England and South Wales Hockey League. We are not only committed to the sport but also to building and maintaining strong collaborative relationships and local partnerships in and around the South-West. We have a keen focus on supporting local clubs and we welcome the opportunity to give something meaningful back to the sport. We all look forward to a lasting relationship with the League and to supporting the development of hockey in the South West and Wales.“
Verde Recreo’s involvement and sponsorship will ensure all clubs in the league benefit from ongoing low subscriptions rates, as well as a dedicated website and results service. In addition the team at Verde Recreo will be on hand to offer expertise on funding options, planning issues, surface renovation and maintenance and replacement.

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1st JunSwansea Hockey Club

Please note that Swansea City Hockey Club and Swansea University Hockey Club have agreed to merge to form a new club that will be called Swansea Hockey Club. The team placements show this change.

1st JunTeam Placements 2018/19 season

Teams in their divisions are now available to view, go to information and downloads

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